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Risk Management

Managing risk in today's world and business environment is paramount to the longevity of your business and we believe a blend of art and science. Science in that many things such as retention levels are quantifiable - and art in that one must still negotiate their way through the maze of potentially risky outside and inside forces in developing their comprehensive approach to managing risk.
Our approach to risk management is facilitative in that when risks are known and quantifiable, and then artfully managed through a comprehensive approach and program the business is able to move forward confidently.
Whether it is establishing a full risk management program from the ground up, or supplementing your existing program with individual pieces such as a safety program or a disaster recovery plan or anything in between, we can help. 
We can help you identify appropriate retention levels for your insurance program, establish your own captive insurance company, and we have even provided the project management executive that helped one client establish a Lloyd's of London underwriting syndicate.  
Comprehensive Risk Reviews
Insurance Program Renewals
M&A Risk Reviews
Self Insured and Captive Programs
Risk Solutions for HNW Individuals

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